Pupils respond well to his teaching and make good progress

Headteacher, Cheltenham Primary school

A strategic solution.

This describes intervention sessions effectively. They are a strategic solution to boosting pupil progress within school. Because we are run by experienced, excellent teachers our tutors can enable positive, supportive relationships with their pupils and we can help promote accelerated pupil progress in small group interventions.

The intervention groups can be with up to 8 pupils and offer outstanding value for money: as little as £3 per student per hour. This is a very cost-effective way to support and boost pupil progress in schools. Because we use experienced teachers who know the curriculum and have professional subject knowledge in all areas of it, we can ensure rapid progress in students. We do this in a supportive, relational and mentoring environment where the purpose of education is placed squarely on the development of the pupil (not on the development of data).

With many schools faced with the challenge of supporting pupils who have missed a significant amount of their statutory education, teacher-led intervention sessions offer a strategic, effective and cost-effective solution to support students who need to make rapid and accelerated progress.

The benefits of this service includes:

  • highly experienced and talented tutors leading the sessions
  • excellent, accelerated and rapid progress made over the course of the sessions
  • a relational, supportive and mentoring environment for the pupils to work in
  • clear and detailed progress notes provided for each child
  • excellent value for money
  • highly convenient service, with the teacher coming to your school
  • the first session free of charge
  • safeguarding policies and practices in place
  • all our tutors hold Enhanced DBSs


Prices for schools for intervention sessions from September 2020

£20 per hour

We pride ourselves on providing the very best education at the most cost-effective price. This comes from our high-value, low-cost ethos which is driven by our vision. We see ourselves as an education service which is here to support schools and students. We know that some pupils need extra help to make the progress and development that they need. We are here to help and offer cost-effective, strategic and effective services to help schools and students.


We care about safeguarding because we care about children. We are teachers: run by teachers, only employing teachers. Our knowledge of safeguarding is professional and up to date. We have detailed policies and practices in place for schools and parents (see below). We care about safeguarding because we know that it is everyone’s responsibility. We are committed to ensuring that all students are kept safe. When we come into schools, we bring enhanced DBS documents and we can be trusted to follow the safeguarding practices of the school.