Online tutoring

Tutoring traditionally has been face-to-face, however it does not have to be so. Online tutoring is convenient, personal and highly effective. More and more, we are realising that it is possible to hold effective and personal meetings, tutorials and conversations online and that there are significant benefits for doing this. Consider the value of YouTube or Facebook: they provide excellent resources for learning new skills and finding out important information. Now take the benefits of these, and add in a professional, personal and relational service. That might help you imagine the power that online tutoring has to offer.

Some of the main benefits for online tutoring are:

  1. It is highly convenient. All that is needed is a connected device.
  2. It is very effective. Modern technology allows for high-quality conversations, meetings and tutorials to happen online. Screen sharing allows for effective sharing of resources in a professional and user-friendly way
  3. It is familiar. We know how to use connected devices and they are user-friendly.
  4. It is led by an experienced, qualified teacher. The quality of teaching is high and the learning experience is excellent.
  5. It is non-intrusive. You do not have to have anyone into your home, or make sure everything is tidied away before someone arrives.
  6. It feels safe. Often for students who are starting tutoring, meeting a new person and being in the same room as them can feel like a big step and a bit of a challenge. Having a screen in between the child and the tutor can help to bridge that gap, allowing the child to feel safe as well as personally connected with the tutor.
  7. It is excellent value for money. Because we do not have to travel to you, we can keep our rates down and offer outstanding value-for-money.
  8. It is green. No travelling means no petrol or diesel.
  9. It is secure. We use a completely secure website calling function which is safe and secure for the tutoring session.

The online tutoring sessions are incredibly easy to use! We host the sessions from our website so there is no need for app downloads or installing new software. Our website does the hard work for you. The software we use for the online tutorials is secure, safe and user-friendly and so you have the best of all worlds: convenient tutoring that is high value and easy to use!

Our online tutoring is:

  • Incredibly easy to use. Just click the button at the bottom of this page, and it will call us. That’s it. Nothing else to do.
  • Hosted directly from our website. No downloads, apps, software or personal accounts needed. So easy!
  • Safe and secure. It uses an encrypted software so the sessions are 100% personal and private.
  • Led by experienced, qualified teachers. You have access to a professional and high-quality service in an accessible and user-friendly way.
  • High-value, low-cost. Everyone knows that tutoring is valuable, but do we all know that it does not have to be expensive?
  • Convenient. You just need to have a connected device ready at the right time, press the button to call us, and that is it!
  • Green. Our world matters. So does education. So let’s use online tutoring and cut out the unneeded transport.






Want to try it for yourself? Contact us for your first free session and you can see for yourself how effective and user-friendly it is. Don’t just take our word for it. This is what others have said:

“It is very cost effective for 1:1 teaching without having to leave your own home”

Year 6 Parent

“The website is incredibly easy to use. I have a link on my task bar which takes me straight through to the video loading screen” 

Year 1 Parent

“My son came out of all of his sessions happy and excited for the next one. The website is easy to navigate and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Cheltenham Tutors”

Year 5 Parent

If you think about it, with modern technology giving us all opportunities we did not have even 5 years ago, it makes complete sense to use online tutoring. Contact us and arrange your first free session, and then you can decide where to take it from there.

How to set up an online tutoring session

  1. Email us and arrange a time and date for your first free session (
  2. At the arranged time, open up our website.
  3. Click the button below.
  4. Press the video button.
  5. We will pick up at the other end!


We understand that safeguarding is important and we take it very seriously.

We have a dedicated safeguarding policy and a parental safeguarding information sheet below. These will help you know what practices we have in place to ensure that your child/student is kept safe at all times.