We are an education service which specialises in giving excellent tuition to students in need of some extra help. This could be help with understanding something which has always been tricky for them, help to catch up with learning that has been lost or muddled, or an extra challenge to push into more detailed thinking or work.

The service we provide is specific and professional. We are run by teachers who are experienced and knowledgeable and so we can be sure to provide excellent tuition to your child. Because we are run by teachers, our service is under-girded by many years of classroom practice and reflection upon teaching and learning. This means it is professional and strategically effective. We are educators first and foremost.

We can either offer online or face-to-face tuition. Both have their own benefits and we will work with you to discern what service would suit you and your child best. If you are hesitant or unsure about online tuition, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that it is both excellent value for money and highly effective at promoting pupil progress. It is also very convenient. We use it regularly as a means of tutoring because:

  1. First, it helps us keep our costs down to a minimum so that it is the excellent value for money 
  2. Secondly, it is an effective, convenient and safe way to do tutoring which uses the latest technology to provide excellent education.

We can of course provide face-to-face tuition also and are happy to offer this service also. Our face-to-face tuition is an excellent service, with only experienced tutors. Face-to-face tutoring would be hosted in your own house and we would come to you.

We are proud to offer the very best tutoring at affordable prices. We see ourselves as an education service which is here to support students in their learning and personal development. This means that we can provide:

  • a stimulating learning environment for our pupils
  • effective teaching and learning underpinned by years of classroom experienced
  • all learning directly linked to the national curriculum used in schools
  • a mentoring, supporting and encouraging relationship for our students
  • excellent value for money
  • different means of tutoring to suit our clients (either online or face-to-face)
  • valid enhanced DBS documents for our tutors

We are able to provide high-quality, teacher-led tuition in a whole range of subjects across the primary as well as preparation for the 11+. Because we are run by experienced teachers who have a successful track record of teaching in the classroom for many years, we can tutor your child in any subject that they may need support with. The following is an idea of the services that we can offer for you and your child. This is not an exhaustive list and if you have a specific question about how we can support you or your child, please contact us directly and we will let you know how we can help. 

Primary school

Early reading (including phonics)

Early writing and spelling (including phonics)

Early maths (KS1 curriculum)

Developing reading and writing (KS2 curriculum)

Developing maths (KS2 curriculum)

Mastery of reading and writing (Higher level engagement with reading texts and writing)

Mastery of maths (Higher level engagement with maths, mental arithmetic and mathematical reasoning)


Dedicated support in preparing for the 11+ grammar school entrance


Whatever your requirements, we will work hard to personalise our service to suit you and your child. We are an education service. We are here for you.