School partnerships

William Bruce’s tutoring service is excellent value for money.  Pupils respond well to his teaching and make good progress. 

Parents are very pleased with the service. Mr Bruce is a very patient and kind tutor who can get the best out of his pupils

Head Teacher, Primary school in Cheltenham

We have a track record of working with primary schools in the Cheltenham area and in promoting pupil progress through tutoring. We are proud to offer professional, personalised and effective services to schools to help them deliver the very best outcomes for their pupils.

Our vision as an education service is to work alongside schools to help support children’s education. From many years of experience working in schools, we believe that schools do excellent work supporting their pupils and their commitment to the well-being of the children is outstanding. We also know that unfortunately, with resources and budgets being stretched, and with work-load and pressure often increasing, it is not always possible for schools to provide for the needs of some of their pupils as much as they would like. A little extra professional support could in these instances be highly effective and valuable to the well-being of the child.

This could be extra support academically to help pupils make progress in an area of the curriculum that they lack confidence or find hard. We have a wealth of experience doing this.

[My son] would like me to reiterate how much his confidence has been boosted, particularly in maths

Parent of a Year 5 Student

Or it could be providing a supportive, encouraging, mentoring relationship to pupils who could really benefit from 1-2-1, professional, nurturing support. We all know the impact that a supportive relationship can have upon a person’s self-esteem and self-belief, and we see it as part of our mission to offer this service to schools. We know that schools always support pupils as much as they can and sometimes need some external support to compliment their excellent work.

The tutor has a good rapport with children and a good sense of humour and an extraordinary amount of patience

Parent of a Year 5 Student

Because we see ourselves as an education service which is there to support the excellent provision already provided by schools, we are proud to do the following:

  • run by qualified and experienced teachers
  • have a high-value, low-cost ethos
  • provide our teachers with counselling training and mental health awareness training
  • offer a nurturing, encouraging, mentoring relationship to our students
  • offer 1-2-1, professional tutoring to pupils who need extra support
  • offer intervention sessions in schools
  • have enhanced DBS documents for all our teachers
  • have detailed and comprehensive safeguarding policies and practices in place

We provide an excellent service which aims to provide the very best educational and personal support at the lowest possible price. We have a high-value, low-cost ethos which stems from our vision to support schools in the excellent work that they do. We know that school budgets are always tight; we know that pupil well-being and self-esteem is also a growing concern for schools not only in respect to the data and progress of the students but also in respect to the holistic development of the child. We believe that schools should be able to access a professional, low-cost service whose explicit aim is to support pupils professionally and personally: that is why we are here.

Safeguarding and GDPR

We take safeguarding very seriously and have a detailed safeguarding policy which explains our practices and procedures for work with pupils and schools.

To see our GDPR policy, please download it here.