Who and where

We work with a whole range of students, from EYFS up to the top of primary school; from the start to the end of their developmental education; from learning phonics to learning for KS2 SATs of the 11+. We are run by teachers who have extensive experience in working with students of different ages and we can offer tuition for a wide range of learning needs and intentions. Wherever you or your student are at, we can meet them. 

We are happy to work either online from the comfort of your home or we can travel to you to provide face-to-face tuition. In our experience, online tutoring works well for all age groups, with older pupils being able to access it especially well. Face-to-face tutoring is also effective for all ages and it allows for physical proximity which can help some students. It depends on what works best for the family and student.

The tutor has a good rapport with children and a good sense of humour and an extraordinary amount of patience

Parent of Year 5 Parent

Primary school education is where pupils learn the foundational elements for their future education. Getting it right is significant and important. However, it is not just information that needs to be learnt in the primary sector. The beliefs, feelings and expectations regarding education are also established at this time, and how a pupil feels or thinks about themselves and their education is of fundamental importance for the effective progression of their future education. It is unfortunately common for pupils to feel less than confident in themselves, their abilities and their learning during the primary years, and then take these feelings and expectations up with them to secondary school.

We do not believe it is common for pupils to want to do badly at school: most pupils really want to do well. However, it is sadly common for pupils to have persuaded themselves that they cannot achieve well in school even if they try hard, and this belief can lead to an inbuilt resistance to working their hardest at school.

My son found the teaching interesting, with support when needed but also time to find solutions by himself

Year 5 Parent

We have lots of experience in providing primary school tuition and we firmly believe that with some extra, professional and positive 1-2-1 help in their learning, huge amounts of progress can be made and it is possible to reset the negative attitudes and beliefs that pupils hold regarding themselves and their education. Our tutors are 100% on your pupil/student’s side and will do all that we can to encourage, support and help progress them in their work whatever stage they may be at.

As they say: a good start is half the journey.