11 + Preparation

Cheltenham is well placed for grammar schools and there is a significant demand for quality 11+ preparation. There are seven grammar schools in the county and they all offer excellent education.

It is a sensible and wise choice to help your child/student prepare for the exam, and one that many parents want to make. The tutoring that we offer will help your child/student to fully prepare for the exam, to feel comfortable and at ease with it, and to grow in confidence so that they have the best possible chance when they take it.

All of our 11+ tutoring is:

  • led by experienced tutors
  • using the latest resources to prepare your child/student for the assessment
  • high value
  • convenient to use: we offer both online tutoring and face-to-face tuition 

We recommend starting the tutoring early: as with any preparation, it is always worth having enough time to do what needs to be done. This will give your child/student enough time to get to know the types of assessments that are used in the test, to practise them so that your child/student learns how to achieve well in them, and to grow in confidence so that he/she is able to give the test the very best shot.

We can offer the tuition either online or face-to-face. We understand that many clients would prefer face-to-face tuition and we are happy to work whichever way you and your child prefers. There are good reasons for considering online tuition, for example:

  1. It is possible to do effective, high-quality tutoring online and it is a convenient way to do tutoring. There is no need for anyone to come to your house or you to go anywhere. All you need is a connected device.
  2. It allows us to keep our costs down. We are able to offer very cost-effective 11+ tutoring. We are proud to be able to do this and firmly believe that 11+ tuition should be accessible to as many people as possible.



Prices for online 11+ tuition from September 2020

£18 per hour (or 10 sessions for £150)

Prices for face-to-face 11+ tuition from September 2020

£25 per hour (or 10 sessions for £200)


This means that you could provide an academic year’s worth of teacher-led, high quality 11+ tuition for your child/student for around £800. This is substantially lower than the market average.

All the grammar schools in Gloucestershire use the CEM assessment. This 11+ assessment contains several elements, all of which we would practise and study in the tutoring sessions. The different elements are:

Verbal reasoning: this includes reading comprehensions; cloze problems (where words are removed from texts); word association problems; spelling and synonym problems; verbal skills problems.

Non-verbal reasoning: this includes solving problems using visual reasoning (using what you see to help you solve the problem). This can take many forms, but could include recognising patterns; similarities or differences; seeing relationships between objects and shapes; identifying the next object in a sequence.

Numerical reasoning: this includes mental arithmetic; numerical reasoning (solving problems with numbers); solving worded problems (solving problems with numbers in real-life, applied problems).

We can help you and your child/student to prepare for the assessment by ensuring that they are at the highest possible standard in each area of the assessment, that they know what the test will be like, that they have the skills needed to answer the questions, and that they have the confidence to do it to the very best of their ability. As with any preparation or learning, it is important that enough time is given to the process so that your child/student has time to acquire the skills needed without needing to rush the learning or feeling like the assessment is looming over them.

We would recommend starting the learning and preparation earlier rather than later: that way your child/student is given the best possible chance, and there is time for the learning to sink in and feel comfortable. As with so much in life, confidence is important and can prove to be vital. It is usual for tutoring to be looked for at the beginning of the previous school year (Y5) – indeed it is not uncommon for it to start even before then. We can cater for tutoring at whichever stage you require it, and we can be relied upon to help your child/student to prepare fully so that the assessment is seen as a challenge and not as a burden.