Mr Bruce is a very patient and kind tutor who can get the best out of his pupils

Headteacher, Cheltenham Primary school


That is tutoring summed up in a single word: it makes a huge impact upon a person’s self-confidence, well-being, self-esteem, personal development and academic progress. At Cheltenham Tutors, we are passionate about the difference that it can make to a student’s personal and academic progress and we are proud to provide a personalised, professional and relational service for schools and students.

Our service is both about mentoring and developing. We meet the pupils where they are at, support them personally and academically to make progress, and do all this within a pastoral, professional and supportive relationship. The difference that this can make upon a person’s self-confidence and personal development is substantial and life-long. We are all about investing in other people’s futures so that they can fully become the people that they were made to be.

Our tutoring sessions have proved invaluableMy child thoroughly enjoys their time together; he has learnt so much and it has really built his confidence

Parent of a Year 6 student

We have worked with schools in the Cheltenham area and have a track record of effectively supporting pupils’ academic and personal development. We would be happy to work alongside your school also. We offer an excellent tutoring service run by experienced teachers at intentionally low prices. We have a high-value, low-cost ethos which guides are pricing plans and ensures that we offer the best value for money.

Our service includes:

  • a tutoring service run by teachers
  • excellent value for money
  • a personal, professional, supportive and mentoring relationship for our pupils
  • clear and detailed reports and notes for each child, showing the objectives covered and the progress made
  • comprehensive safeguarding policies in place (see the bottom of the page for more details)
  • flexible contracts and working relationships with schools
  • excellent customer service

We are here to help and here to serve. We see ourselves as being an education service. We are professional educators who want to support your school and your pupils’ development.

We can offer either face-to-face tutoring or online tutoring. We will work with your school to discover which form suits you and your pupils best. There are benefits to both and even though tutoring has traditionally been done face-to-face exclusively, there are good reasons for considering online tuition. These include:

  • it means we can keep our costs to the very minimum
  • it is highly effective – modern technology allows for excellent learning experiences and outcomes and with screen sharing it is also possible to complete almost all the ‘normal’ classroom activities online
  • it is highly convenient – there is no need for anyone to come to the student’s home or the student to go anywhere. All that is needed is a connected device
  • it is very well set-up – there is no need for apps, downloads, software or accounts. We host and run the sessions from our website. Just imagine our website like an online school that you plug into!
  • it is safe and secure – we use encrypted software that is completely secure. We have detailed safeguarding policies for parents and schools which are accessible at the bottom of this page
  • it is Covid-19 secure – no face-to-face contact ensures no risk of transmission


Prices for schools for face-to-face or online tutoring from September 2020

£15 per hour


We always offer our first session as a free taster session so that we can ensure that the tutoring works well, that the internet connection is adequate and that both the parent and student are happy with how the sessions would work. As we said previously, we can offer face-to-face tutoring if this is preferred. Due to the travelling that is involved in this, it means that are prices have to reflect that.

Case study

As an example of the personalised work that we do, please see a case study below of a student who we worked with. This pupil was a Y5 student from a primary school in Cheltenham who we were employed to support through tutoring. The pupil will be referred to as Pupil A for confidentiality.

From an initial assessment with Pupil A, we assessed that a large proportion of our work would be taken up with boosting the student’s maths confidence. Pupil A had a flair for writing and reading but needed intervention in maths. The sessions were therefore structured in the following way to meet the student’s needs.

Intro Times table practice
Main section of lesson Focusing on a specific maths objective from the curriculum, e.g. adding fractions with different denominators
Recap of learning A summing up period where the learnt skills are discussed, the learning is reinforced and the pupil is given time to reflect on the learning
Reading and writing A part of an age-appropriate book is read together, discussed or used as the basis for a written task. In between sessions, Pupil A would either read chapters of the book or complete independent (and optional) writing tasks.

Summary of progress:

Pupil A made accelerated progress in the work that was done. In the ten sessions that the school employed us to work with this student, significant progress was made in the following areas:

  • At the start of the learning Pupil A knew 3, 4, 5 and 6 times tables but did not know the 7, 8, 9 or 12s. By the end of the sessions, Pupil A knew all the times tables and was completing a 40 question mixed times tables test in under 5 minutes with them all being correct.
  • At the start of the sessions, Pupil A was unclear on column subtraction, short and long multiplication, along with the vast majority of Y5 fraction curriculum. By the end of the sessions, Pupil A could confidently complete: column subtraction as well as missing number problems involving subtracting; short and long multiplication, along with missing number problems involving multiplication; Pupil A could could also complete the all of the Y5 fraction curriculum objectives (including understanding equivalent fractions; adding, subtracting and ordering fractions with differing denominator; converting mixed numbers and improper fractions).
  • At the start of the sessions, Pupil A expressed an enjoyment for reading and writing. To ensure that this talent was built upon, a suitable book was chosen to read and writing activities was based on this book. By the end of the sessions, over half the book had been read, discussed and enjoyed. Specific and targeted writing activities were linked to the book for the pupil to complete independently.

Parental feedback

The following feedback was given by the parent of Pupil A.

[My child] has found the sessions very helpful. They’ve boosted his confidence massively and he approaches maths in a much calmer manner now, believing he can actually solve the problems put to him. He’s enjoyed the writing aspect as well, and always comes out of his sessions smiling. 

Parent of Pupil A

[My child] came out of all of his sessions happy and excited for the next I’ve asked [my child] for his thoughts and he says he finds the sessions really fun and it’s good teaching that is easy to understand. He would like me to reiterate how much his confidence has been boosted, particularly in maths.

Parent of Pupil A

Pupil A left the sessions with a massive boost in personal confidence regarding maths. He had learnt all his times tables, had mastered significant aspects of the Y5 curriculum in a supportive environment, and had been able to express his creative freedom through reading and writing linked to an age-appropriate book. Obviously each student is different, and we would personalise the tutoring to the child. However, we have a track record of supporting pupil progress and personal development; of boosting confidence in areas outside of a student’s comfort zone; and in doing this in a pastoral and relational environment.


The person who is reading this is responsible for safeguarding.

These signs are becoming more common around schools, stuck up in staff rooms, entrance foyers and on the doors or mirrors of staff toilets! The message is loud and clear: safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and it must be done well. We are experienced teachers and we understand this. We have mandatory training in safeguarding practices, detailed safeguarding policies (attached below) for schools and parents, and a commitment to ensure that every child is kept safe. Feel free to contact us directly regarding our policies and practices regarding safeguarding.