Face-to-face tutoring

Professional. Personal. Effective.

It is hard to fully estimate the difference that tutoring can make to a student. It may only be an hour a week, but the impact of the tutoring can stretch years into the future. It is not hard to think about the teachers who made a big difference on us. When we call them to mind, it was the relationship that we had with them that was most significant. Having a professional who believes in you, who is there for you, who is on your side, is a powerful force in the development of a person.

William is an excellent teacher and our son loves his lessons. He is a patient teacher and our son responds very well to his methods

Parent of a Year 1 student

Face-to-face tutoring offers access to a kind, nurturing professional who will act as a tutor for your child. The tutor will be supportive, offering 1-2-1 help, and will be very experienced in helping students make progress in learning that is outside their comfort zone. That means that the tutor will be able to quickly ascertain where your student is up to in their learning and then effectively help them to make progress in their learning. All of this takes place within a kind and relational environment where the well-being of the person is at the centre of all the activity. Our tutors are experienced at working with pupils whose confidence and self-esteem is in need of support and we will work with your child at whatever stage they are at.

My son’s sessions benefited him greatly, increasing his confidence and ability in maths

Parent of a Year 5 student

If you are looking for the most cost-effective method of tutoring, we recommend you investigate our online tutoring service. This offers the very same service online, in a very easy and convenient format, at amazing value for money!

Face-to-face tuition is still excellent value, and we have a high-value, low-cost ethos which stems from our vision. We see ourselves as an education service which is here to support students and families. 





The first session is offered free of charge as a taster session. This allows the student to get to know the tutor and understand what the tutoring would be like. It also gives the parent a risk-free introduction into our excellent service.

Tutoring can be offered in subjects across the primary curriculum, as well as preparation for the 11+ entrance exam. Our tutors are experienced across the Key Stages and so can personalise the learning to meet the needs of the student. We can offer tutoring in a range of subject areas, including the ones below.

Primary school

Early reading (including phonics)

Early writing and spelling (including phonics)

Early maths (KS1 curriculum)

Developing reading and writing (KS2 curriculum)

Developing maths (KS2 curriculum)

Mastery of reading and writing (Higher level engagement with reading texts and writing)

Mastery of maths (Higher level engagement with maths, mental arithmetic and mathematical reasoning)


Dedicated support in preparing for the 11+ grammar school entrance

The tutoring would be personalised to your child and would be directly linked to the primary curriculum. We will work with you to deliver the best possible experience for your child. We are an education service: we are here for you and your child.