Why tutoring?


Tutoring. Is it necessary? Is it useful? Is it for us?

You would certainly not be the only one thinking about these things. Educations is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to anyone and so getting it right is paramount.

Sometimes, for any number of reasons, school alone cannot provide all the education that is needed. This is rarely anyone’s fault. And it is in these situations that one-to-one professional help is invaluable. It makes complete sense when you think about it: if you had an issue with your car, you find a mechanic; an issue with your drains, then you had better call a plumber; an issue with some tricky DIY … its probably best to call a builder. Education is no different: in many ways, it is more important. What could be more significant than ensuring that your child/student has the correct foundations in place for their education? What could be more important that giving your child/student some extra confidence in a subject area that is proving a bit tricky? Any one of us needs some extra help from time to time, and that is no different for children and students. Our tutors are professional, experienced teachers and are here to help with your child/student’s education in any way that we can.

Benefits of tutoring

It is not possible to sum up the value of tutoring in a simple sentence. Like all education, it has benefits that go far beyond simple definitions like grades and its benefits and effects will be experienced and worked out for many years.

As teachers, we know that school can be tricky for some people. We also know the difference a good teacher can make to a student. These are some of the benefits that we have seen before and would expect to see again.

  • Improved educational performance: this is what most people expect to see with tutoring, and it is of course going to happen. Increased academic performance is a highly likely impact of good quality teaching. The EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit estimates that tutoring can provide around 5 months additional progress to a student (Source: https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/evidence-summaries/teaching-learning-toolkit/one-to-one-tuition/)
  • Improved confidence in school: this goes hand-in-hand with improved school results. Being more confident in school will help the student to enjoy school more and to learn in a more effective way.
  • Improved self-esteem: finding out that you can do something that once seemed too hard is a massive game-changer for anyone’s self-esteem! It is amazing to see the effect that this can have on the whole person. Their body language, well-being and attention in school all changes.
  • Improved social skills: as in all aspects of life, when one thing starts to change, so do others, Being more confident in school (and enjoying it more) will take stress and pressure of other areas of school life. This tends to lead towards an improved ability to play and work well with others.
  • Improved mental health: apart from the fact that achieving something well has a significant positive impact upon a person’s mental well-being, our tutors are trained in Level 2 Counselling Skills and also Mental Health Awareness. We see ourselves as being mentors as well as tutors. Our goal is to facilitate progress in all areas of a student’s life: school work; personal self-esteem; mental and emotional well-being.
  • Improved independence: a key life skill! Becoming more confident in yourself as a person and learning that with a little extra help you can achieve most things will be a life-lesson for years beyond the classroom.
  • Mentoring: this has been mentioned already, but it is so important that it deserves its own bullet point! Tutoring gives the opportunity for a genuine, kind and supportive relationship to develop between the teacher and student. The impact of this cannot be summed up in a sentence. As we all know, the best learning takes place in good relationships.

If it feels like a big step using a tutor to support your child/student’s education, you may be interested to know that a recent survey found that 25% of secondary school students had received support from tutors (Sutton Trust, 2019). It is becoming more and more common to seek extra educational help and there is an increasing demand for quality tuition.

We are pleased to offer the very best personal, professional educational support to our students, and we are pleased to do it at the lowest possible price. We have a high-value, low-cost ethos which means that we have some of the lowest rates on the market. We are pleased and proud to offer this service so that as many people as possible can access it. Perhaps even you and your student/child!